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A $39 non-refundable deposit is required for all appointments. 

When you give your credit card number for your deposit, it will be charged immediately.  Upon arrival for your service, your deposit will be applied toward the price of your service.  Deposits will be kept for any missed, rescheduled or cancelled appointments without at least 24 hours notice, no exceptions.
If the price of your service is less than $39.00, the difference will be returned to you at the end of your appointment in the form which it was paid.

Gift certificates and memberships:  If you have a gift certificate or a membership, please notify the receptionist when you schedule your appointment.  You will not be charged a $39 deposit, however, if you miss your appointment or change it without 24 notice, you will be charged a $39 fee.   All other appointment policies apply.

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How does the Power Wrap work?

During the Power Wrap your entire body is wrapped in elastic bandages soaked with a natural mineral solution for a one hour period.  You will do light (non-strenuous) exercise to help increase circulation.

Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes and environmental poisons, which cause lack of energy, wrinkles, cellulite and crepe skin. Looking younger is possible by simply freeing the body of this life long buildup.

While you are visually slimming your body, and toning your skin with th Power Wrap, you are also removing years from your apparent age.

Water retention is one of the obvious signs of waste buildup in the body.

How long does the appointment take?

Your first visit will last about 2 and 1/2 hours, including time for paperwork, measuring and a consultation. Repeat visits will last 1 and 1/2 hours.

How will I look after the wrap?

Most women will look 10 to 30 inches slimmer and most men will look 6 to 20 inches slimmer.  The skin will appear visibly tighter and smoother.  Many clients enjoy this after weight loss, after pregnancy, and to reduce signs of aging.  We always keep in mind that each client may have specific goals. *Please see our guarantee information on the Prices page.


Is this wrap dehydrating?

NO! The proof of this fact is that you can safely do as many wraps as you want in one day, and that the results normally last about 8 weeks. 

How long do results last?

While it is not possible to predict exactly how long results will last, the average is about 8 weeks, depending on factors such as age, diet, weight maintenance and metabolism.   After you reach your goals for your appearance, we recommend you return every 8 weeks for the best results.

Do I need to do anything special before or after my visit?
Please come to your appointment with clean skin, no lotions, oils or perfumes.  Women will be wrapped in a bra (no underwire please) and panties.  Men will be wrapped in swimming trunks.  Bring extra undergarments to wear after your wrap. 

We recommend that you avoid alcohol consumption before and after your wrap, and that you do not come to your appointment immediately following a full meal.

After the wrap, we recommend you do not shower for several hours. There is no odor or visible residue from the wrap and you will be able to safely return to your daily activities. There are no other restrictions or requirements after your wrap.  Women may wish to reapply makeup after their appointment.

How quickly will I see results?

You will see results immediately when you are unwrapped. The skin will appear tighter, cellulite will look smoother, stretch marks will be visibly reduced. The shape of the body may be visibly different and your clothes usually fit slightly differently when you change back into them. We recommend wearing or bringing a garment that fits tightly in your target areas, so that you can see the difference more easily.

Can the wrap help a double chin or round face?

Certainly! The Power Wrap includes wrapping the face. A certain amount of visual tightening is achieved on the face and under the chin. For clients who only want to slenderize facial appearance, or want extra results on the face without doing an entire Power Wrap, the Facial Wrap is recommended.

Will the Power Wrap help with the appearance of Cellulite?

Yes! Customers who specifically targeted cellulite-ridden areas for improvement reported a visible result after being wrapped just one time, and that cellulite was nearly invisible after 3-5 wrap sessions.

How many wraps will I need?

The number of wraps is determined by what your goals are and how your body responds the wrap. To visibly reduce specific body areas or cellulite, or to maximize inch loss, you should come in for a wrap once or twice a week, until your objectives are met.

If you are dieting and exercising for weight loss, or have undergone a surgical procedure for weight reduction, it is recommended you come in for one Power Wrap for every 5 pounds you lose. Depending on the rate of
your weight loss, this may be once a week up to once per month.

For recent pregnancy or significant weight loss multiple wraps in a short period are recommended for best results, possibly up to 5 wraps per week, until the desired appearance is achieved.

What do I need to do to maintain my results?

Results last longer for some people than for others. For best results, we recommend one Power Wrap every 8 weeks, once you have reached your goals.

How frequently can I do the Power Wrap?

This process is safe enough to do many times in one day. Immediate goals, such as a wedding or another important date where slimness is a must, can be sped up through multiple wraps in one day.  The only limit may be your schedule.

Will I lose weight?

Inches, not pounds, is what the Power Wrap is designed for. We make no claims for weight loss.

Are there any medical considerations?

Common sense dictates. If you are on medication or have a medical condition, you should consult your doctor.

Of course, the body wrap should not be done if you have any contagious condition, open wounds, or irritation of the skin caused by other beauty treatments, such as waxing, body scrubs, microdermabrasion, etc.

We reserve the right to require a written release from your doctor.
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